Tricky Trivia Synopsis


Tricky Trivia Application Description

The ultimate general knowledge and character tester. Confidence and explanation skills are the key to victory in this one!

Other than hours of fun and laughter, the objective is to explain, describe, charade, mime, sing, dance, draw or hum the provided word to your opponents as quickly as you possibly can.

Not entirely sure what that darn word means? No sweat! Each word provided consists of a detailed description referred to as a clue during game play.

Tricky Trivia will offer you that awesome traveling around the world sensation without taking a single step.

Experience that special holiday mood and master exciting words from categories such as actors, artists, music, vehicles, landmarks, countries, cities, hotels and so many more which will leave you wanting more and more!

Challenge your friends individually (Everyone for themselves) or team up against additional friends!

No need for the old paper scoring, dice or playing boards - as detailed score keeping, accurate results and player turns are all provided for.

Rounds are unlimited and may be ended at player discretion! At any time.

Have fun and please review our application!



Game Play